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Success Stories

"Holly is a true pro. Her keynote for my women's conference, Open the Gate, was custom-designed to meet my specific needs. Her delivery was flawless, spirited and fun. Holly's feedback was five stars and noted as the "best ever" by many attendees. Let Holly work her magic for you!"
Betsy Wiersma
Camp Experience

"Holly Stiel has the soul of a teacher, the humor and timing of a stand up comic, the knowledge of a world class concierge, the content of an expert, the wisdom of experience, a heart filled with joy, the charisma of a star and the essence of a professional."
Kathy Odsather, Associate Director, Hospitality Management Program
School of Management
University of San Francisco

Thank you for taking the time to come and speak to the Las Vegas Concierge Community.
I wanted to let you know that last night we held our September National Concierge Association Meeting and almost the entire room attended your seminar. We took turns speaking about what we gathered from it and I must say at least one person got up to speak on every portion that you touched on repeating stories that you told and examples that you gave. I just sat back and smiled, I was impressed how much your expertise really sunk in to everyone. Kudos to you!!

Michael C.  Printy
Chef Concierge, Park Towers
Las Vegas, NV

"I laughed, I cried, I learned, I was inspired to improve our customer service & “dance” my way out of “the weeds!” Thank you, thank you very much!"
Janice Fitzgerald
By the Side of the Road Bed & Breakfast

"Thank you so much for a GREAT meeting!!!! Your commitment to Solage along with your truly “genuine” care and speaking style really take these meetings to such a higher place!!!!"
Tim Farrell
Solage Calistoga

“Since you spoke at the Lawry’s management conference 7 or 8 years ago, we still quote you all the time. What you speak should be instilled in every person in the hospitality industry – service from the heart. You are a master at handling difficult people with grace, and have a clear message about how others can use the same techniques.”
Peggy Hobin
Director of Training and Development
Lawry’s Restaurants, Inc.

"I just finished teaching my last class of the Neon Signs of Service. It was a blast! We had 120 hotel employees go through the courses over the last 6 weeks. I found myself looking forward to the classes, getting to know all of the employees, and hearing what they were saying and doing with the Neon Signs. I actually fell in love with my job all over again and remembered why I am in the business I am in. I'm sure I received more out of it then they did. I can't thank you enough. You are a true inspiration and an icon in the guest service industry. Please don't stop doing what you are doing. It is so important!"
Renee McGinnes
Director of Hotel Operations
Eldorado Hotel & Casino

“I think that yesterday was a grand slam success. The next few weeks should be exciting as we implement these new techniques. I hope to stay in touch to update you on our progress and I would also like to plan for follow-up sessions down the road. “
Don Sebastiani, Jr.
Don Sebastiani & Sons

Neon Signsof Service, although written lightly as whipped cream, incorporate a heavy load of psychological issues. People understand that and become truly involved during the training. Neon Signs training is a well targeted personal gift which will make them stronger for years to come. “
Zbigniew Misztal
Concierge Polska

“Thank you for inspiring me and all my team. Please keep teaching people to enjoy their life at their work too!!!”
Aida Ramirez
Hilton in Cabo

“I’ve worked in the service industry all my life and although I’m confident that I am successful I tend to have a difficult time training my staff to do the act in the same manner. Your ideas touch specifically on the points that I’m trying to portray to them. Thanks for breaking customer service and well-being down in a form that others can understand. “
Director AT
Lake Carroll Recreation Association

Holly Stiel is an exceptionally wonderful expert on customer service and has written what I personally believe to be the BEST book on customer service that I have ever read, The Neon Signs of Service. She is also a fun, funny, effective speaker. “
Linda Larsen
Linda Larsen Communications, Inc.

“It is clearly understood that you are highly respected within the hospitality industry. However, after your presentation last Wednesday, you can feel very comfortable in adding the banking industry to your list. You have truly earned a place in our company. I can’t begin to tell you how you so positively impacted so many employees through this one event!"
Mary Kowalski
Bank of America

"I was very pleased with the results from the hospitality workshops you presented to our security officers. The time you took to observe the facilities and the officers, and to adapt the sessions to personally pertain to their jobs really worked. Your passion, energy, humor and sincerity kept the learning experience interesting and compelling. Recently, my largest site was audited and I am proud to say our security officer operations were cited as a Strength, due in large part to our investment in the training. . . Thank you for helping us to achieve high marks and to continually strive for excellence."
Jeff Millhouse
Compaq Computer Corporation

Excellent service is the key to loyal customers. Your presentation delivered this information in terms that resonated with our organization. Your “real life” examples clearly demonstrated your points and enabled each of us to understand the aspects of service that would ensure our success as we work toward our vision.”
Trina Mullen
Nortel Networks

"You rock, girl! Holly, I believe it is very important for you to know that your talk in New Brunswick at The Algonquin, is still touching many on a daily basis! Please know from my heart how thankful I am that I was on the receiving end of your magnificent talk about customer service from the inside out! You Shine!”
Kelly Jordin
Coldwell Banker Elite Realty